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My roommate... CANNOT... be human...

No way, no way in hell, he has no clue how to act in public, he doesn't know how to take a bath (got soap all over me, and I was 2 seats down!), hell, he even shakes himself off when he bathes! I mean, I can't help but feel bad for the poor kid, because he's going to get a reputation if he keeps doing that, he's very... uninhibited. I'll keep an eye out for him I think.

I'm CONVINCED that there are others here. Maybe more than one, and I'm curious as to what's just going on.

I'd better stay my hand for now, if I'm wrong, I could get myself killed tipping it at all, and I don't want to tip it too soon.

It might raise some complications, but it's kinda comforting at the same time, you know? I'm not sure if being in a grab-bag pack or being alone would be worse, at least I'd have built-in backup, if we stick together.

((OOC: character description

((I just realized that I really haven't given a lot of information about what Opens-the-path looks like, so, here is a description to help put a face to the name(s):

Dan, using his human name for his homid form, is tall, about 6'3", and VERY leanly built. He's obviously not strong, but when he moves he has a hint of grace that belies his athletic nature. He keeps his black hair short, not too short, but a light shag, which is usually gelled up in a tussled, spiky, and pretty chaotic style. The black hair, along with the pale green eyes might indicate his wolf nature to someone who was extremely perceptive, it's not a typical combination, if anyone questions him on it, he sheepishly lies about dying his hair.

He likes to dress a bit above his usual college-age peers, in button-down shirts, for fun and play he prefers satins, silks and other lightweight, very tactile materials, often with tribal patterns (I'm sure you've seen the type if you've been in any place that has a lot of the mainstreamized goth/industrial clothes) when dressing to impress it's usually bold colored shirts or simple white on black. He hates ties, but wears them when he MUST. His shirt is usually matched with black dickies or khaki pants. He doesn't like wearing tennis shoes outside of the gym, but usually has either work boots/shoes or those work-shoe/dress shoe hybrids on.

He also virtually always carries his messanger bag, a smaller one (24in maybe) in black with a pattern in silver plastic on the flap. He usually has some various essentials in there, an umbrella, assortment of tech toys and a good book or two, as well as a change of clothes tightly rolled up if he anticipates having to formshift.

In lupus form, he's long, agile and lean. You could easily mistake him for a female at first blush, if you weren't careful. His patterning is the darker grey/black common to european wolves, blending to white highlights on his sides, paws and muzzle.

In crinos form, he's a mixture of the two, black blending to grey along his back and face and all of his impressive crinos musculature aimed for speed and agility rather than strength.

Into the maelstrom

Well, here I am, in Japan, moving into a cramped dorm (damn administrators... grrrrr...)

yeah, I didn't get the apartment I wanted, apparently, there wasn't time for me to get everything arrainged, plus, having no real solid (IE existing anymore) records put me on thin ice already, I just hope my 'hosts' manage to even everything out in case my legal status is called into question...

Haven't really met my new roomie yet, he seems... kinetic, always moving, but right now we're just wiped out from the ride (my god... jet lag! and I NORMALLY don't sleep much!). I just managed to snag a little quality time with my modem to post for all you guys back home, don't worry about me! This seems like it's going to be a great trip!

I met a few other people on the plane that made me curious, one, this punk girl, pale as death and this screaming red mohawk, the way she stressed the word *pack* every time, almost enough to make a boy wonder, ya know?

I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't a 'lone wolf' mission after all?

Oh, and don't worry Taunt, I picked up your 'request' in the airport, as soon as I can get to a mailbox, it's on the way.

((OOC: musings

just had the oddest thought related to our ongoing meet-and-greet? what would one glasswalked say meeting another online? "A/S/L/Tr/HDoOA?" (age/sex/location/tribe/honorable deeds of one's ancestors?"


The massive black spire of an office building was an imposing sight. A featureless block of obsidian glass and gleaming steel, it took on an element of foreboding in the bright light of the full moon.

Of course, the young garou wouldn't have come here unless ordered.

Daniel, as-of-yet-unnamed by his pack, had been given a simple task, to infiltrate that tower, and pick up a 'memento' of his trip.

"It smells like death," his packmate, Sara, whispered to him, as they stood grouped in a cluster of bushes in the park across the street.

Their resident Ragabash Ragamuffin, Andrew, coughed softly, "perceptive, ain't she?"

"Both of you, quiet!" Daniel ordered with a quick bark.

"right-o, bossman," Andrew said with a hint of restrained sarcasm, "so, how are we getting into this deathtrap anyway?"

"I'd bet at 10-to-one odds that the concertina wire's got silver ions in it," Sara said.

"That's why we're not going in over the fence." Daniel responded, "wait here, Andy, I'll call your cell when I'm in, and you can walk right in the front door."

Before the gloryhound brother of his could respond, Daniel gave himself another quick spray of cologn, hoping that it might help to drown out some hint of his garou scent to a less-perceptive wyrmtainted, shifted his bookbag to his shoulder and walked for the door.

In plain sight. **this is going to be tough** the young warrior thought to himself, **but I do NOT want to fight anything guarding this place**

The entrance was deserted, it was nearly 10PM, and all the good little corporate lifers had gone home for the day, the massive Megathon Phaumacutical's logo accompanies by the ubiquious Pentex logo made his shudder.

His friends had run down the ownership, Mega. had JUST bought this place out, half of the old workers were still here, and most of the bigwigs weren't due in until monday. It may bear the faceplate, and he'd CERTAINLY retell the story of the time he broke into the *pentex* facility, not the newly-formed pentex-subsidiary, but not really a corporate arm, facility, but it wasn't a true bastion of his foes, not yet.

**I hope they didn't send any guards from the 'parent corp'** Daniel thought as he walked up to the sliding glass doors.

"I'm sorry, but we're closed" the security guard said, gruffly as he approached.

Daniel did a quick-scan of his foe, stocky, but probably experianced in combat, seems human, on his belt: walkie-talkie, flashlight, and a can of Mace... **no gun... good, he's probably a contractor** he thought.

"Um, my mom was supposed to pick me up from school, but she said she's working late..."

the guard looked incredulous, "OK, so who's your mom, I'll have her paged."

"Susan," Daniel said, EVERYONE knew a Susan, and it was an old-enough sounding name that he probably wouldn't end up claiming he was a 24-year old's 18-year-old kid, "Susan Mueller."

He'd come up with that one on the spot, but in a city of predominantly german ancestry, common enough, he figured.

"I'll have her paged... come wait inside."

The security office he was lead to was barely furnished, a few desks, nothing more, **no armory, good sign**, he spotted the controls to the door as he sat in on the folding chair waiting. now that he looked carefully, the name of a security contractor was on the desk: Security Solutions LLC.

They weren't Pentex yet, he was safe... er.

Daniel prayed his gambit paid off, or a lot of people were about to die, himself likely included.

While he waited he quickly thumbed a text message into his phone, out to Sara:

"Im inside, trying to opn door

his heart was pounding when the guard came back, "She says your dad was supposed to pick you up... but she's going to have to work late, you want to wait in here?"

**Awesome! it worked!**

"uh, yeah, I guess," Daniel said trying to effect an annoyed disinterest.

the guard chuckled, "sounds like your mom's a lot like my dad," the guard said, "workaholic, eh?"

"yeah, something like that," Daniel said, casually, "ah well, at least I have my privacy, usually, when she's at work..."

Daniel was eyeing the door-control panel, and how to get to it, he could kill the guard, but that would be a bit blatent, plus, his first impression was to kinda like the poor sap. Then again, he might end up as wyrmtainted soon, if Pentex had their way with him.

He decided he would try to talk to him.

"So, you hear on the news ysterday, about that forest fire?"

"uh, yeah, something about it, seems a damn shame" she guard said concernedly

"How so?" daniel probed, hoping to find an in

"well, all those houses, the forest, you know? ah well, not much we can do back here anyway..."

"forest's don't die when they're burned... people do, I think that says something, eh?"

"yeah, we don't stand much of a chance," the guard chuckled.

**how RIGHT you are, how perfectly right**

"Do you think that absolves you from trying? I'm not trying to start a political debate, just..." Daniel probed deeper.

"heh, idealistic kid," the guard shrugged, "maybe, but I'm just worried about myself, and paying MY bills."

daniel had his in...

"Pentex isn't going to do it, you realize.. they're bringing in their own security..."

"I've never heard that rumor."

"they don't at any of their plants... listen, I have some friends that can get you a better job, but I'm going to need a favor." Daniel felt something connect as he used his nature. A part of him deep inside uncoiled and streched, like a wolf waking from a nap, as he poured his energy into his Gift.

his words were preternaturally reasonable, as he suggested "I need you to open the door for some friends of mine, I promise we're not going to hurt anyone, but I need to do something." He grinned slightly, not the kind of grin a human makes, he showed his teeth, in subtle threat.

the guard laughed, as Daniel felt the power wane, "OK, I suppose, I mean, for 6.50 an hour, they don't pay me NEARLY enough to hold you back."

Daniel thumbed into his phone as the guard opened the door and turned to leave:

"Door open
you have 15 minutes"

He knew that Sara was going right for their server room, and that Andrew most likely wanted ironic, like an office plant or something. Daniel was going for something big, snagging a key to the elevator from the desk as he sauntered out, he headed for the lobby elevators.

Straight to the top floor, and he knew he was in the Heart of the Dragon. he felt uneasy as he climbed, further from the safety of the street and any route of escape, and deeper into the construct.

he slipped one of the items from his pack, a knife he brought along, 'just in case' and readied it with a quick 'snick' of motion.

The corridor to the office was empty, but he was on his guard, something felt 'off' even to his undeveloped senses.

but he was NOT to be detered, he walked up to the main office of the floor and tested the handle... locked. Most likely only the CEO had the key.

**time for plan 'b'** he thought as he drove the knife into the cheap faux-wood frame, splintering the area around the latch as the door swung free.

In and out. Quick.

Daniel had no time to think, the simply walked to the desk, and grabbed 2 things: a paperweight and a manilla folder on the desk. before using his camera-phone to snap a few pictures.

Every FRAGMENT of his being was telling him to run, that Spiral-dancers and Wyrm-touched and powerful nemesis spirits were all closing on him as he walked into the heart of their newest prized jewel.

**CALM** he thought, clamping hard on his flight response, **you're SAFE, SAFE... in and out... no one could know**

He continued the litany of reason as he returned to the elevator, and began his long descent back to (reletive) safety.

The young wolf walked from the tower with all the nonchalance of a regency duelist, unwilling to show the deep terror that he felt as he walked in places he was not ment to go, he had his prize, and he would return with it.